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1.   If you could visit any country, where would you go?

3.   If someone threw away your entire wardrobe, would you:

      a) thank them?    (b) berate them?    (c) join the local nudist colony?



1.   When did Claire fall in love with Adrien? Adrien with Claire?

3.   Have you ever talked yourself out of a relationship? Into a relationship?

4.   When and where did your first kiss take place?



1.   Does your life fit the expected conventions of your peers/family/society?

2.   There is tension between being content with your current life and harboring dreams for the future. How do you acknowledge this tension and deal with it? Is it possible to be content while wanting change?

3.   Have you ever radically changed the direction of your life?



1.   How important is it to you to consciously think about your faith?

2.   Is it possible for faith and luxury to co-exist? Faith and frivolity? Faith and fun?

3.   Have you met people of your faith from other cultures? Does their faith differ from yours? Do their faith practices differ from yours?

4.   What things must everyone of your faith believe? What things are open to interpretation?

5.   Does your faith have anything to do with your personality? Do your faith practices?



1.   How important is having fun to you? Did this book change your priorities?

2.   How important do you think it is to find pleasure in this world?



1.   Are beauty and simplicity synonymous?

2.   When you act out of character, do you become more or less like yourself?

3.   If two painters, two writers, or two musicians create a work on the same theme, but each portrays it differently, which version is the true portrayal?




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