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 Excerpt from Chapter 1:

    How many of us notice the instant our lives change? The moment we step out of ‘what has been’ and into ‘what is to come’? I didn’t. But looking back, unraveling all that had happened before and everything that happened after, I think I can pinpoint the exact moment. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with Eric’s coming and nothing to do with Gina’s leaving. It had everything to do with me.

    I remember slumping into a chair and nibbling on a cookie I was pretty sure hadn’t gone bad while I’d been on vacation. I knew I’d probably regret it. But after a ten-hour plane ride, a three-hour commute into Tokyo, and sixteen hours of jet lag, my stomach wasn’t listening to me anymore.

    I’d gone home to Oregon for vacation to celebrate my birthday and attend my sister’s wedding. My little sister’s wedding. After having celebrated both another birthday and the happiest day of my sister’s life, my thoughts were anything but joyous. They were waspish thoughts that buzzed around the question, What about me?

    Both literally and figuratively.

    My sister had embarked on a life that I would soon have no claim to…although I fully intended to insert myself into it from time to time. Being sad for me and happy for her was making a see-saw of my emotions. Facing my return to life as a journalist in Tokyo hadn’t made it any easier. And the fact that I’d have to deal with Neil made it even worse.

    I never should have started dating Neil. I worked with him. He was a nice-looking guy. And I had total respect for him as a writer. Thought he was the best one at the paper. Several months before, I had gotten to the point in my life where I just wanted to be with someone, and he was the most obvious candidate. But every time we’d gone out, our dates had degenerated into bull sessions about work or about our careers in general. It was like talking to a brother.

 And then one night, we’d kissed.

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